Configure your Activity model

In this article, we'll show you how to configure your lead Activity model with Breadcrumbs.

After you've created your Fit model, the next step is to create the Activity model.

Just like the Fit model, the Activity model will allow you to grade your leads based on ideal actions, like content downloads and website visits.


To get started, click New Category on the right hand side of the page.

There are several fields to fill at this stage:

Name - The name of the action (download, web visit, registration, etc)
Weight (%) -  The weight this particular event should carry for the overall Activity score (max 100%)
Absolute Decay - The percentage that the score reduces after the period defined (Interval Rate)
Min Frequency - The minimum number of times the event must occur to be scored
Max Frequency - The maximum number of times an event can occur to be scored
Interval Rate (Days) - The period of time in which the data is assessed.

In our example below, we want to track contacts who have visited our pricing page. The overall weight of this activity is 30% of the total. In addition, we want to track users who have visited at least once but no more than 5 times.

We have selected an Absolute Decay of 20%, meaning that the maximum number of points (3) will decrease by 20% every 5 days (our Interval Rate).

Once you're satisfied with your recent setup, click on the Save Category button to complete this action.

Matching Rules

The next step is to map your action to a field within your CRM.  First, select the source of the data under the Platform dropdown.

Next, choose the type of event under the Event dropdown. In our example, we'll be using Page Visits.

Configure your event

After selecting Page Visits, we need to select which page (or combination of pages) will trigger the event.

In the example above, we have entered the URL slug of our pricing page which represents the action we want to track for this event.

In some cases, you may want to select from a range of pages or require a user to visit several pages before the event is counted. To do so, use the Add Rule option.

Using the And operator, the contact must visit both the pricing and contact page of the website for this action to be counted.

To select from a range of pages, change the operator to 'OR'. 

Once you've finished your event setup, click on the Apply Changes button to complete this event.

Note: The total Activity model must add up to 100% before your model can be used.