Configure your Fit model

In this article, we'll show you how to create your Fit model with Breadcrumbs.

The Fit model will allow you to take information like demographics or other personal data about your subscribers and score them on how well they match your buyer personas.

Start by entering your category name. This will be the name of this specific piece of data you want to score. In this example, we want to score our leads based on their job title.

Fir Config2

There are 2 main settings to configure for each of your lead scoring categories.

Mame - Name of the category you're scoring.
Weight - What percentage of importance this category should represent out of the total (100%).

In our example above, we want 30% of the overall score to be based on the job role.

After you're finished, click Save Category to proceed.


Now that we've determined the category and how much weight we want to give it, it's time to add in details by mapping our fields from our data source and selecting the job titles we want.


In the mapping step, we first want to select the proper source which will give us the data for our category.

Under the map field, choose the field inside your CRM that represents the related category.

Mapping2This field is what Breadcrumbs will use to determine your lead's score as it relates to a certain category. When you're finished, click save to complete this step.


After we've mapped our fields, the next step is to determine the values. Here, we want to specify the possible entries for the category we've just created, and how much weight they carry.


In our example, we want to calculate job titles into our overall lead score. For our purpose, our ideal target is the CEO which is what we will add under the Values To Match section.

For example, the CEO can be commonly typed as C.E.O, or even have a different name like President or Director. You can add any alternative spellings inside this box.

Note: Hit Enter on your keyboard to add the value to your evaluation

Lastly, we want to add the percentage - or weight - that this specific title carries. As a CEO is the top criteria for us in the Job Title category, we want to give this a value of 100.

This means that if a contact has the job title of CEO (or any of the alternatives we mentioned) we would give them a perfect score in the job title category we created. 


At this step, you can also add other job titles you'd like to grade. In addition to the CEO, we have added Chief Marketing Officer and added their weight to this category.

You can continue adding titles to this step as needed.

Note: The total Fit model must add up to 100% before your model can be used.