What is Lead Scoring

A systematic approach to prioritizing leads.

Lead is scoring is the process of assigning a numeric value to each of the leads generated for your business that reflects the likelihood of a lead taking a certain action.  Most commonly, lead scoring is applied in the context of customer acquisition but the same methodology can be applied to identifying revenue expansion or revenue retention opportunities.

There are several approaches to building lead scoring models.  However, at Breadcrumbs, we strongly believe in the co-dynamic approach.  Co-Dynamic models score leads on two core dimensions:

  1. Fit: Think of fit as the elements of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) or Personas.  It is made up of Demographic/Firmographic attributes like Job Title, Company Revenue or Geographic Location.  These attributes don't tend to change very often.
  2. Activity: Think of this as the intent signals your leads are giving you. Any time your lead engages with your business is a potential intent signal whether online or offline.  Events like a website visit, email click or event registration are all common in the scoring of activity.

*Breadcrumbs Bonus

With Breadcrumbs you can layer on a third dimension to take your model to the next level.  Time is a key variable in terms of accurately identifying purchase intent.  That's why Recency and Frequency of activity are configurable variables in Breadcrumbs.  You can learn more here.