Cadence by Breadcrumbs FAQs

Conquer the inbox and book more meetings with Cadence, Breadcrumbs' newest cold email software and email automated tool.

Take your cold email game to the next level with Cadence by Breadcrumbs. You can now use Cadence to streamline your cold email lead generation process in just a few steps.

Free Trial

Cadence has a lifetime free trial, so you never have to worry about a 14-day restricted trial. Our free plan has all the features as our paid plans. You can email 250 contacts a month as many times as needed.

If you want to level up your outreach game, consider upgrading to a paid plan.

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Upgrading and downgrading accounts

Cadence allows you to upgrade and downgrade at any time. The good news is that you never have to cancel. You can always move your plan onto our free tier along with your data and campaigns. When you're ready again, just upgrade.

Daily sending limits

Cadence limits inboxes to 400 emails daily. However, we highly advise against this as you may have an issue with getting marked in spam. We feel a conservative amount to send daily is between 50-100.

What is Spintax, and how to use it?

Spintax is the customization of email copy using words or phrases. It helps make each email unique and can improve inbox placement. Spintax format uses words or phrases separated by | and enclosed in curly brackets. For example, {CEO|Director of Sales|Director of Marketing|Executive Director}. Combine multiple spintax in your email body for added impact.

What is email warmup, and how to land in the inbox?

Email warmup involves gradually increasing the number of emails sent from your account to establish yourself as a legitimate sender. Automated warmup services can streamline this process, but they come with the risk of being viewed as spam and harming your reputation. Learn more about alternative methods to ensure your emails reach your prospects' inboxes.

Streamline your cold email lead generation process in just a few steps. Get started for free! Signup today.